Fairy Halloween Costume Make & Do!!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your ghost costume & witch’s hat! 

Some white fabric, like an old t-shirt or pillowcase
A black marker pen
Scissors (and an adult to help of course!) 
Some black card or paper
Glue (again, an adult should help with this!)
A silver or gold pen for decoration (optional!)

Ghost Costume

1. Cut out an oval shape about the size of your face!

2. With your marker pen, draw some eyes! Then remember to pierce little holes so your fairy can see

3. That’s it! Leave it out for your fairy to find when they open their door… hope they don’t get a fright!!


Witch’s Hat

1. Cut out the shape of a bottle cap and a larger quarter circle as shown.

2. Roll the quarter circle into a peak and glue to the circle. Don’t forget to cut out a smaller circle from the main circle so your fairy can fit the
hat on their head!

3. To make a witch’s broom, just find a stick and attach some straw/smaller twigs!

That’s it! Your fairy is all set to have a super fun Halloween in their new costumes, made by their favourite human – you! 


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