International Fairy Day 2017!

Fairy Day 2017 Fairy Day 2017 (605 KB)

International Fairy Day falls on June 24th every year, which means it’s tomorrow! This day of the year is a great celebration for all fairies
all around the world. This year in 2017 is in particular a great year as numbers have grown since last year. In fact, on June 24th 2016
we had a grand total of 3,415,001 fairies living with humans whereas this year we have 10,215,001 fairies already registered in the Workplace
Log – how amazing is that! 

Every year on the evening of International Fairy Day a new fairy dust is introduced for the night. In 2014 a small pinch of orange dust was passed around
to all fairies – when sprinkled it caused the fairies to glow and float (without using their wings) and everyone had such fun with it. It would be
like the feeling of going to outer space for you and me… we don’t know about you but we would LOVE to have that feeling!

In 2015 a special teal-coloured dust was handed out to all the fairies. As soon as it was sprinkled in the air, bubbles started to appear in their thousands!
All of Fairy Valley was coved in floaty bubbles – fairies were taking rides inside them and everything!

On the night, there will be a bonfire in the park in Fairy Valley which is called Mushroom Mound! Rupert the fairy is the only one allowed close to the
it as he takes care of the popcorn. Rupert is an expert, he has one giant pot (well it would be tiny to us but of course to the fairies it’s huge!)
which he places over it. He then puts one popcorn kernel into it and puts the lid back on. When the kernel pops the force could send the lid flying
into the air, except that Rupert is so experienced, taking each perfectly popped popcorn and placing it on a stick and handing them out to the fairies.
Freshly-popped ‘Rupert Popcorn’ is something to be treasured and all fairies just love it. The queue often stretches all the way around Mushroom Mound!

All night long the fairies will dance, sing, play and wait for the special dust to be handed out. Queen Kate guards the secret of the dust super close
until the night of the celebrations. Only her most trusted scientists know what’s coming. You may have noticed your fairy has excited this past week
with the thoughts of getting a new dust to play with! In fact, if your fairy has been slow to reply to your notes lately, it’s more than likely due
to sheer excitement!

Please be aware that your fairy may be away for the evening if they are attending the celebrations, so please forgive any notes or pictures going unanswered
as they have a very good excuse. If you think your fairy might have forgotten, please remind them at the earliest opportunity – depending on how close
your home is to the centre of Ireland (where Fairy Valley is!), they might be able to go along for the night to enjoy the fun and celebrate how many
fairies are now living in human homes.

If you know someone who would like to give a fairy a home, don’t delay – the more magic we spread and the further it gets, the better it is for everyone, in particular fairies who as of right now are the largest group of magical creatures alive!

Happy International Fairy Day everyone and make sure to check out our Facebook competition tomorrow where we are giving away a massive 100 Fairy Friends!!

Thank you for believing!


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