A Day In The Life Of A Fairy

Hello humans! I am very excited to be speaking to you. Well writing to you… haha! I have never communicated with humans before as I am still at
Fairy School here in Fairy Valley, but I have heard an awful lot about you. For example, I know that you like to put all your clothes on horses and
that you can’t fly apart from when you’re in a metal tube. Oh wait sorry a clothes horse isn’t a real horse, I keep forgetting that.

I was asked to write a little bit about my day here in Fairy Valley, so I am going to do just that! Oh by the way, my name is Sapphire but all my friends
call me Saffy so you can call me that too. What’s your name? Oh wait I won’t hear you when you answer, well unless you shout it really loudly but maybe
the neighbours wouldn’t be too pleased about that. Well it’s nice to be talking I mean writing to you anyway!

So here was my day – it’s been a pretty standard Thursday really, I hope it’s not too boring for amazing humans like you to read!

Well my morning started like it usually does, with Larry the ladybird outside my window singing to me to wake me up. It’s one of the ladybirds’ favourite
things to do! Did you know that? Maybe you have ladybirds around your home, or maybe you call them ladybugs? I bet they will be singing to you in the
mornings too but you might not be able to hear them because you are so gigantic! Anyway Larry always wakes me up and today was no different. “You are
sounding wonderful today Larry”, I called to him as I yawned and stretched.

I had my breakfast which this morning was half a Cheerio and a little handful of the strawberry that I’ve been getting through all week. Breakfast is very
important, you know!

I got dressed, packed my schoolbag and flew out of my front door and waved at everyone I saw like I do every morning. There are a lot of fairies and unicorns
and insects and birds to wave to but I always say it’s nice to be nice! “Have a great day Saffy”, said Fawna. I smiled and said “Thanks, same to you-nicorn!”
as I flew by. It’s a little joke we have.

My first class at school this morning was double Note Writing. I am still getting used to holding a human-sized pen, but I am trying hard. If you imagine
writing with something that you have to hug to make it move, you might get an idea of what it’s like?? And you have to write letters that are about
five times as big as your foot! Well I don’t know how big a human foot is but you get the idea.

This afternoon I played with all my friends at recess. I met my friends Ruby and Boo, who have Queen Kate as their teacher. How cool is that?! We played
hopscotch in the sky for the whole break, and then it was time to come back to school for our Magic Spell exam. Eeeek!

The spell I had chosen to do in my exam is called the Swap-A-Doodle spell. This one allows you to make two things swap places, and I have been practising
for a long time! Maybe it was a bad idea to swap my teacher Molly for a centipede, but actually the centipede had a lot of very interesting things
to tell us! And luckily when I swapped Molly back, she was laughing. She had had a great time chatting to the other insects on the other side of the
Valley! She was very impressed with my swapping skills and I got an A! I’m very happy with that!

My friend Daisy did the Topsy Turvy spell, which as you might imagine is when you flip something upside down. Well I think her magic must be very strong
at the moment, because the whole school flipped and Daisy couldn’t remember how to flip it back the right way! We were laughing about that for a long
time as we sat on the ceiling. Molly didn’t find it quite so funny… ooops!

After school, I went to the Hugs 4 Bugs stand, where I volunteer. Basically we just give hugs to any bugs who would like one. I really enjoy it because
sometimes a hug is the best thing in the world! If you are reading this with a… what are they called again… pair-ant? Purint? Oh no,
it’s parent! Yes if you are reading this with a parent or someone you love, I’m sure you agree that hugs are the best, especially their ones!

After volunteering, I went to Lavender Lane which is the main shopping area of Fairy Valley. You can get anything you need there! I thought it might be
nice to get something for Larry so I went to Toadstoolz which is open late on Thursdays. I found a lovely scarf to keep him warm once summer is over.
It was on special offer – only fifteen hi-fives! It was reduced from forty-five – I would have been there hi-fiving for ages! I have heard you humans
give each other coins to buy things instead of hi-fives. That sounds kinda strange to me, but humans are quite strange creatures… no offence!

I flew by the Heart-Shaped Lake on the way home, and just as the sun was setting I saw some of my friends dancing in the long grass, so of course I had
to join them! Ruby and Boo were there, and Hope and Joy, and Fawna and Daisy and the centipede who was my teacher for a short while this afternoon!
It was so nice to see them. We giggled and danced until we were so tired that we collapsed onto our backs, watching the stars and talking about what
life must be like in the human world. It’s not too long until I graduate and find a human family, so I will find out soon!

Well that was my day! I am going to bed now, excited about giving Larry his scarf tomorrow, and I wish you a magical day or night, wherever you are!

Thank you for reading!

Saffy x