Fairy Valley Has Talents – Finalists Revealed!!



Announcing the first EVER Fairy Valley Has Talents event! 
The one and only Queen Kate recently told us that she would love to know all about the different talents that fairies around the world have, so we thought
it would be a great idea to ask the people who know them best – that’s you!

Queen Kate loved this idea, and together with the International Fairy Council, we have decided to showcase all these wonderful talents in Fairy Valley
Has Talents, a spectacular event taking place right in the heart of the Valley and broadcast on Fairy Valley TV very soon!

On the night, there will be a panel of judges including Fawna the Unicorn, Pixie from Pixie & The Pepperpots and Bob the Dancing Fairy! But unlike
some talent shows (which Fairy Valley Has Talents is definitely not affiliated to!), there will be no buzzers cutting anyone off – every fairy will
have their chance to show off their amazing skills and talents in full, and of course the whole of Fairy Valley will be cheering them on, including
Queen Kate!

We know lots of fairies are great singers, but as Fairy Valley already has a singing event (the Fairyvision Song Contest of course!), the panel will be
looking for other types of talents. Maybe your fairy is an excellent precision flyer, being able to fly through tiny rings? Or can they juggle raisins
like nobody else? Perhaps they would like to try stand-up comedy?? The possibilities are endless!

If you would like your fairy to have the opportunity to perform in front of Queen Kate as part of Fairy Valley Has Talents, just find out from your fairy
what they might like to do, and email [email protected]. Please include:

– where you live
– your fairy’s name
– their chosen talent
– any pictures showing this talent if possible (maybe you could draw one, but don’t worry if not, you can just give us a few details in writing!)

Closing date for entries: Sunday 3rd March 2019

Finalists will be notified, and winners announced, at a later date.

The very best of luck to everyone. We can’t wait to see what your fairy can do!!