Fairies love St. Patrick’s Day!!

It’s that special time of year again, when humans all around the world celebrate the amazing (if we do say so ourselves) land of Ireland – it’s almost
St. Patrick’s Day! As we know, lots of humans celebrate on this day, whether they’re Irish or not, and we can also tell you that fairies love to celebrate
it too! 

Recently, we heard from three fairies who are the very best of friends, and although they live in different parts of the world, they love to meet up back
home in Fairy Valley every St. Patrick’s Day. They said they would love to tell us all about St. Patrick’s Day in the Valley. Meet Orla, Erin and Sióg!

Fairy Orla

everyone! I’m Orla, and I live with my human family in Nova Scotia, Canada. I absolutely love living there, but I always look forward to coming home
to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day to meet up with my best friends! Every year, we wear our special St. Patrick’s Day hats that our humans made for us.
They look like leprechaun hats – in fact I compared mine to one of my leprechaun friends’ hats and they were identical! 

My favourite thing about Ireland is the amazing music!! I love to sing and because I came from Ireland originally, Irish music is my favourite. The songs
I really love to sing are Blooming Heather and Song For Ireland. I like that one because it talks about the Atlantic shore and when I’m at home in
Nova Scotia, only the Atlantic Ocean lies between me and Ireland.

There’s also a song called C’est La Vie which sounds like it might be in French but it’s definitely Irish! Well, it’s in English… but… you have to
listen to it to understand! My friend Erin loves to dance to that one when I sing it near the Heart-Shaped Lake in Fairy Valley! I love to sing these
songs when I’m in my human home in Canada too, because it makes me feel close to home.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone!! 

Fairy Erin

My name is Erin and I live in Sydney in Australia, which is a long long way from Ireland. Maybe the furthest you could ever be?? It feels like that
when I have to fly there, for sure! Haha. Just kidding, I’m always so excited to come back to Ireland, the journey goes by in the blink of an eye.

My favourite thing about Ireland is definitely Irish dancing! Well I love all kinds of dancing, and I always dance around my human home, but Irish dancing
is definitely my favourite. I love sean-nós (“shan-no-sss”) dancing especially. It’s a traditional Irish dance and it’s so much fun! Sometimes my human
tells me he can hear my feet tapping while I’m doing the dance behind my fairy door. Ooooops! I just get carried away!

My other favourite dance is definitely Riverdance! I think it was first performed in the Eurovision Song Contest which is like our Fairyvision Song Contest
but for humans. I would recommend any person or fairy who hasn’t seen it to watch it!!

I can’t wait to meet up with my best friends and dance on St. Patrick’s Day – I will have to be careful my favourite hat doesn’t fall off!

Fairy Sióg

dhuit! (This means hello in Irish, and sounds like “dee-a gwitch”) My name is Sióg (“Shee-oge”), which is the Irish word for fairy! I was named very
well by my humans, whom I live with in Galway in Ireland! I’m not too far from Fairy Valley, which is in the centre of Ireland, and I love coming back
for St. Patrick’s Day to meet my best friends Orla and Erin. 

My favourite thing about Ireland is our beautiful language! In Fairy School, we learn how to write notes in English, but we also learn lots of other languages
so we will be able to communicate with our humans wherever they are. My humans speak Irish all the time, so I love to write to them in Irish too. Maybe
I can teach some humans reading this how to speak a little bit of Irish… if you want to say what your name is, you say your name and then add ‘is
ainm dom’ which sounds like “iss anam dum”. So if my name was Peter it would sound like “Peter iss anam dum”. Well actually there is an Irish version
of Peter but I won’t complicate things too much!! Why not try it yourself with your name?? Now you can say hello and what your name is in Irish! Pretty

Wishing everyone a happy Lá Fhéile Pádraig (which you might have guessed is St. Patrick’s Day in Irish)!! Slán (“slawn”) = bye!


Thank you so much to Orla, Erin and Sióg!!

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, why not make your fairy a hat just like ones the fairies mentioned?? Just CLICK HERE for all the details!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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