Write A Summer Story!

This week, we were contacted by a fairy named Wordsworth, who is the English teacher at Fairy School in Fairy Valley! Here’s what he had to say: 

“The warmest greetings and salutations to all of the wonderful humans out there! It is a great pleasure to be speaking to you again. I am writing to you
with what I think is an exciting proposition. You see, my students at Fairy School are about to have their summer break here in the Valley, but I would
like for them to continue to learn about you fascinating creatures known as humans! To that end, I am organising a Summer School here in the Valley,
as lots of my students have told me they find humans so interesting that they would like to continue their education on them! But what would I teach
them, I thought? We have run out of reading material for the year! 

It was then that a wonderful idea occurred to me: perhaps some of the humans out there would like to write a story for us?! So I am reaching out to you
to see if you would like to do that. I would love to be able to share some stories that give my fairy students an idea of what it’s like to be human.
They would love to know what summer is like for you, so perhaps you could write about a summer holiday you once had, or what you like to do at summertime?
Or you could just make up an story! Your fairy could even be in it too if you like!

Your story needn’t be too long – just one side of paper will be fine. It takes us fairies quite a while to read human writing as it’s so big to us!

While I would encourage your imaginations to run wild, to aid my teaching, it would be wonderful if you could include at least one of the following words
which my students have told me they are curious about:




Thank you in advance for your time in creating a story to teach young fairies about the human world!

Yours sincerely,


So there we go – we think this is an exciting opportunity, don’t you?! Why not give it a go, and remember to include at least one of the key words above.
Maybe you could even fit in all three?? 

When your story is ready, please send it to us using [email protected]! You can either write it in the email or take
a picture of your story as long as it’s nice and clear. 

The closing date for entries is Sunday 14th of July! We will publish our favourites here on our website (plus there will be a prize for these talented
writers!) but rest assured, all stories will be sent to Fairy Valley and used in Wordsworth’s Summer School!

We can’t wait to read your stories!!

Happy Writing!