What Are You Thankful For?


As you probably know, our American friends and believers celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday and it got us thinking: we’d just love to hear from our little
believers, in their own words, what they are most thankful to their fairy for? 

We will pick five responses and send out a secret Thanksgiving Day Gift to each of the people who sent those emails. Entries should be sent to [email protected]
and all winners will be notified by email before November 30th. And here is why…

Over the last number of years, Fairy Valley has embraced the beautiful tradition of Thanksgiving. This holiday represents so many important things, like
being grateful, sharing special moments with our families and having fun.

It’s a tradition which has grown and grown in Fairy Valley. This year, Queen Kate announced that The International Fairy Council were going to celebrate
Thanksgiving by writing down one thing they were each grateful for and hanging it from the great Family Tree. Of course, every fairy loved the idea
of doing the very same thing and by the end of the day yesterday, the massive tree was covered in tiny scraps of paper from every fairy.

Queen Kate has been in touch with us to share five short stories with us as she felt the sentiments captures the spirit of Thanksgiving. Have a read of
these – they might inspire you to write your own reasons down!


I am thankful for humans believing in us fairies. I have never felt stronger, more alive and magical these past few years since the numbers of believes
has grown and grown. Humans are feeling our magic everyday and that’s helping it to spread to every corner of the world.


I am thankful my best friend Jamie found his forever home. He lives with a little human boy named Robbie and they have become the best of friends. My friend
Jamie has never spoken but I always knew he wanted to find a human home and when Robbie’s parents came looking for a fairy to suit their son Robbie
who doesn’t speak either, I think everyone in the Valley knew which fairy would best understand and look after that human. I miss my friend but I am
thankful he has found his place.


I am thankful for gingernut biscuits. My human leaves me a gingernut biscuit as a treat every so often and I absolutely love them. It makes me feel good
to be thought about and looked after. I try really hard to look after my human so she feels looked after too and I think when she leaves me this treat
she is saying thank you. She is only 3 years old so I am looking forward to when we write letters – then I can thank her myself!


I am grateful for all the fairy scientists who developed the Worry Plaque magic. My human Wendy was worrying all the time and try as I might, I could never
get her to give her worries away to me but then the Worry Plaque came out and all that has changed. Wendy now gives her worries away whenever she has
them and with our special fairy magic, I change her worries into wishes and send them off. Wendy feels so much better and I do too.


I am grateful for the Fairy Retirement Club. I love the things we do at our Club. Ever since I moved back to Fairy Valley to retire, I wondered what I
would do with my time but the Retirement Club has been great. We make fairy kites, we knit mittens for insects – I am knitting 16 mittens at the moment
for Norman the spider – spiders get awfully cold in winter! I love meeting other fairies, chatting over a nettle tea and just staying active. I am
thankful to be useful and have things to do.

Now remember: we are looking for YOUR reason to be thankful to your fairy, in your own words. Adults can help type up what you say and send it but we really want to hear from you!

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