United Fairy Nations – Human Entries!

Recently we asked our believers all around the world to send us something that represents their country, so the United Fairy Nations could learn more about
the human world. We have received some beautiful entries, and some of our favourites are below.

We have some VERY exciting news too: Queen Kate was so impressed that she has decided to pay a visit to the homes of everybody who sent us something! Please
tell your fairies to expect a magical visit very soon. You will know when Queen Kate has been to your home as she will leave some flower petals by
your fairy door.


11-year-old Yasmin sent us this beautiful Irish flag! Well done Yasmin, and hello to your fairies Ruby Cherry and Blossom! There are lots of Irish flags
waving around Fairy Valley thanks to your picture. 


Ruby Byrne sent this fantastic picture about Ireland. There’s lots of great information and lovely pictures – the fairies will learn a lot from this! Lots
of them are saying “Dia duit” to each other in the Valley after seeing this!


Galway is a beautiful place.

Always up and running.

Lovely people all around.

Willing to share and have fun.

Always people laughing.

You’re on for a good time.😀

Well done Noelle Shaughnessy (age 8.5 years) for this brilliant acrostic poem about Galway in Ireland, where Noelle lives! We have heard lots of fairies
want to visit Galway after reading this!


Thanks to Emmet Cassidy for this lovely picture! We have heard that the Cupcake Couture boutique on Lavender Lane in Fairy Valley is now selling very similar
Irish flag themed outfits – maybe your fairies Alice and Katie will pick some up the next time they visit!



Thank you Elizabeth for this brilliant picture all about your country, England. There’s lots for the United Fairy Nations to learn from it, well done!
We have heard Robbie Williams is now very famous in Fairy Valley as a result!


Grace’s fairy Rainbow brought this fantastic picture to Fairy Valley to show the United Fairy Nations about Great Britain. We just love it! And we have
heard the corgis have been given an official invitation to Fairy Valley as a result. Well done Grace and Rainbow!



What a fantastic acrostic, Catherine!! Well done! We have heard from Fairy Valley that Queen Kate is very excited to visit Virginia so please tell Belle,
Carolyn and Gemma to expect her very soon!


AMERICA by Sophia Sears

Like the warm fire, figured out wires. A day that scares the thoughts away.
America, i love my country, america. i love how the word sings to me like a swing swaying on a tree.
America, i love my country, america. Like a warm cuddle.
Thank you for this wonderful poem, Sophia! We felt the cuddle! The United Fairy Nations did too, and Queen Kate wanted us to thank you. Well done!


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