The Fairy Gathering 2018


It’s that time of year again – The Fairy Gathering is about to take place, and The International Fairy Council have once again asked The Irish Fairy Door
Company for help! The invitations have been sent out to every fairy living with a human family in the world, just yesterday in fact! Don’t worry if
you haven’t seen them… they’re for fairies’ eyes only. But of course you have a chance to nominate your fairy for an award!  

Here are the details: every single year, the fairies have a big party and the all-important Annual Fairy Awards take place. Every fairy from far and wide
comes home to Ireland to spend one night in Fairy Valley which is in the very centre of the country. They gather around a tiny bonfire (well, tiny
to humans but really big to fairies!) and dance and sing all night long. They also have a huge feast of Cheerios and raisins and drink tiny cups of
the most popular beverage in the Valley, nettle tea.

The part they look forward to the most, without a doubt, is the Awards Ceremony. These Awards have been going on for over 600 years and the excitement
always reaches fever pitch in the lead-up to the big night. The award categories are as follows:

Hardest Working Fairy
Most Creative Fairy
Most Beloved Fairy
Most Caring Fairy
Best Note Writer
Best Treat-Giving Fairy
Grandest Garden Design

And finally:
Busiest Fairy

All fairies covet each award hugely, but the one they all want to win is Busiest Fairy. Winning this award is what every fairy dreams of. Being the Busiest
Fairy means you are all the other categories rolled into one! (Thankfully there can be multiple winners!)


Please note only fairy doors registered with The Irish Fairy Door Company can have their nominations processed. If you receive our weekly emails, then
don’t worry – you are registered! If not, just get in touch with us at [email protected] to register your magical winged friend.

All nominations must be received by Thursday 18th October. Nominations after this date cannot be processed – so it’s a good idea to get your nominations
in soon! All the details are below!

50% of the nominations will be made by the International Fairy Council themselves and the other 50% will be made by human families – THAT’S YOU! In order
for your fairy to be in the running in any of the above categories, this is what you have to do (it’s really very simple and doesn’t take long!). Either:

Write a note explaining why your fairy deserves an award, detailing all of the things you love best about them
Draw a picture of you and your fairy

Your note or picture should then be sent by a grown up, to our dedicated fairy email address, [email protected]. PLEASE DON’T FORGET to
include your name and age, your fairy’s name and your home address. Each child who nominates a winning fairy will get something small in the post and
each fairy will also receive a special award in recognition of their success.

One last thing – every fairy is asked to bring along one thing from their human home to eat and share with other fairies. Perhaps you could leave out
a special treat or something that is a particular favourite of your family. Maybe you have an aunt or uncle who makes chilli cheese noodle biscuits
or mushy pea breadsticks? Or even just your own favourite treat. Leave it beside your fairy’s door on the night of the 17th/18th of October. Remember:
just leave one small treat as your fairy will have to carry it all the way to Fairy Valley themselves.

PLEASE REMEMBER: you will be fairyless from the 19th of October; your fairy will be at the Fairy Gathering and may choose to stay in the Valley for an
extra day or two. We are sure they will notify you of their plans in advance!

Thank you for your ongoing support in these important fairy matters. We here at The Irish Fairy Door Company are so pleased with all our new families and
we hope you can keep up with the excellent care and most of all the love you give to our special little friends.

Good luck everyone!

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