The Big Fairy Valley Vote!

Voting fever has hit Fairy Valley – and it’s all because of a creature called a ‘Smudgepudge-a-saurus’! You might be reading this wondering what on
earth a smudgepudge-a-saurus is – well, we were the exact same when we first heard about it! In fact, Aoife (who translates all the magical messages
we receive directly from Fairy Valley) thought she might have translated this particular message incorrectly, but no, it seems there is indeed a magical
creature in the Valley with this very unusual (but fun to say!) name. 

Let us tell you a bit more about them…

Name: Smudgepudge-a-saurus – derived from the sound it makes, like gentle singing of the words ‘smudge pudge a saurus’

Size: about the same as a pellet of chewing gum

Colour: changes according to its mood

Shape: hard to know under all its fuzz!

Favourite Food: fizzy or sour jellies/candy

Dislikes: Loud noises – they make the smudgepudge-a-saurus go grey and shake nervously.

Some other useful information:

A group of twelve smudgepudge-a-sauruses was first found on the edge of Weeping Willows Way, north east of Fairy Valley, not so long ago. When found, each
smudgepudge-a-saurus was grey and their fuzz was quite damp and limp.

Fairy Rescue workers brought all the creatures back to Fairy Valley where they have been nursed back to full health and are ready for rehoming. For this
initial phase of rehoming, they are looking to find a fairy willing and able to take in one smudgepudge-a-saurus called ‘Squelch’ as named by Henry,
a fairy who volunteers at the Fairy Hugs-4-Bugs stand, and who has helped Squelch back to full health. Squelch’s fuzz is now a light blue/teal colour
and has filled out so much that he now looks like a ball!

A smudgepudge-a-saurus requires a great deal of care and attention so only fairies who have the time and interest were invited to apply to foster one.
A lot of fairies expressed interest, and we are excited to reveal the final three candidates! Our friends in Fairy Valley are asking for our help to
decide between the three fairies. We thought that you, our believers, could help us with this unique problem so we are going to tell you all about
the three fairies and ask you to vote for who you feel should be the first fairy to foster a smudgepudge-a-saurus…

Fairy 1

Wendy – after moving back to Fairy Valley from her human home when her human stopped believing in her, this cheerful fairy spends her days offering encouragement
to other fairies who have had similar experiences. Doing this gives Wendy a great sense of purpose and she hopes one day to find another human home
to move into but until then she is extremely happy to offer a kind loving home to Squelch. Wendy’s favourite colour is lime green and she loves to

Fairy 2

Bobbles – Bobbles absolutely loves to spend his days helping others, whether it’s heading to the shop for an older fairy or rounding up the caterpillars
from their daily chomping, Bobbles is happiest when he is busy with lots to do. Bobbles is a very popular fairy and everyone knows he is the fairy
to call if you have any kind of problem as he will drop everything and come help you, no matter what. Bobbles would like some company on the rare occasions
he has nothing to do. Bobbles’ favourite colour is purple and he loves flying upside down.

Fairy 3

Henry – Henry is a quiet and very caring fairy. Henry graduated fairy school and chose to work with bugs in difficulty rather than a human home. Henry
has a special talent with different kinds of creatures, often giving his free time to the volunteer group Hugs-4-Bugs. Henry has been volunteering
with the smudgepudge-a-sauruses in his spare time. He knows all the nursery rhymes smudgepudge-a-sauruses like and has even made a few new ones of
his own. Henry’s favourite colour is blue and he enjoys quiet evenings and walking in the fairy meadow.

So who do you think would be the best fit for fostering Squelch?

Please send your vote to [email protected] before Friday 7th September
and we will announce the winner very soon. Get voting, everyone!


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