Santa Letter – for humans and fairies!

Christmas is just around the corner, so that means it’s letter-writing time both for us humans and our fairy friends! 

As we know from our story ‘The Fairy Who Saved Christmas’, Santa Claus is very, very good friends with our magical fairy friends – so good in fact that
the delivery of our lovely Christmas presents often depends on fairies. So it will come as no surprise to learn that Santa spends a little bit longer
in houses that have a fairy so they can chat and catch up. He really is such a wonderful man and he’s so good with names too – he remembers every child’s
name but also every fairy’s!
Usually, children and fairies write their letters separately but we thought it might be fun if a child got to write their Santa letter with their fairy!
Not only would trees be saved but also the Elves’ Post Room might not get so clogged up. We asked the International Fairy Council what they thought
of our plan and they approved!
So we’ve designed a Santa Letter Template which you can use to write to Santa – and there’s a space for your fairy to write their letter too. You can download
it below:

Letter for Santa Letter for Santa (2280 KB)

We have one more extra special piece of information just for you, too: Queen Kate has given us an address that letters can be sent to which 100% guarantees
Santa will read the letter himself and not an elf! How cool is that?!

Send your special letter to:

Your letters can be put into a normal envelope and sent through any post box whether it’s a special Christmas Postbox or a normal one!

No stamp is needed but we were told to do the following:

When your letter is sealed in its envelope and ready to go, hold it in both hands with the address facing the floor. Close your eyes and picture in
your head the thing you love most in all the whole wide world. Make sure it’s something you already have and which makes you happy. (We’re going to
think about our warm fluffy slippers!) This powerful thought will make sure that, once posted, your letter flies through the air straight to the front
door of the man himself.

This really is a very special opportunity that you and your fairy can share! Why not write a note telling them about it straight away, so they can
think about what they’re going to write in their letter?

If for some reason you can’t post your letter, or would like it to get to Santa even quicker, we have another magical option for you: The Christmas Fairy!
This magical fairy sits at the top of your Christmas tree and reports to Santa all the good behaviour she sees – and she will magic your Christmas
list straight to Santa too! All you need to do is place it in the magical Christmas bauble and when it has disappeared, you know Santa has received
it! The Christmas Fairy is onsale in our online store right now!


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