Return of the Fairy Force

Return of the Fairy Force Return of the Fairy Force (372 KB)

Fairy Maisie-May was so excited. She hadn’t even finished reading her human Dylan’s latest note when her little fairy heart started racing. She caught
her breath, calmed herself and started reading the note again from the beginning. It said:

“Dear Maisie-May, I have some cool news! I heard from The Irish Fairy Door Company that The Fairy Force are coming back to Fairy Valley for a special Homecoming!
Isn’t that cool? I thought you would like to know when it’s happening if you wanted to go so it’s next Saturday afternoon in Fairy Valley! Well, it’s
bedtime for me so I had better go and have some more fun dreams. Thank you for being the best fairy ever. Love, Dylan”

Maisie-May let out
a tiny little squeal. Ever since she first heard about The Fairy Force, she had
been a huge fan. When she started Fairy School she learned all about Stretch, Mist,
Serene and Bud, the very talented group of fairies who help house fairies when
they have trouble blowing away their humans’ bad dream breezes. As she learned
in school, qualified house fairies are very good at blowing them away, but sometimes
when there’s a very strong bad dream stream that they can’t see, they need a bit
of extra help – and that’s where The Fairy Force come in! Lots of children around
the world wake up to find a little ‘FF’ on their window, meaning the Force have
helped them.

It was Maisie-May’s dream to meet The Fairy Force one day. Now, you might think that all she would have to do would be to ask them to help Dylan’s bad
dreams, but Maisie-May was quite a unique fairy… she had special eyes which meant that, although she couldn’t see everything very clearly, she
could see all bad dream breezes and could easily blow them away without needing the Force to help. She didn’t want to take them away from another fairy
who needed their help, so she had never met them – and maybe she would finally see them in person at the Homecoming!

Maisie-May smiled as she started to write a note back to Dylan to thank him for letting her know. Like all house fairies, Maisie-May was the perfect match
for her human. Just like her, Dylan loved singing, doing puzzles and couldn’t see very well without his glasses. He was always very careful to write
his notes for Maisie-May so they were big enough for her to read, and she wrote hers as big as she could too. They really were a great team.

One of the biggest reasons Maisie-May wanted to meet The Fairy Force was to have a chance to see Mist in person. You see, while the other members of the
Force had to put on special goggles to see all the bad dream streams, Mist didn’t! Just like Maisie-May, Mist could see them all by herself and it
always made Maisie-May so happy to know she had something in common with a fairy as cool as Mist was.

Maisie-May left a note for Dylan thanking him for letting her know about the Homecoming and went about her fairy duties while her human family slept.
Just like every night, she sat beside Dylan’s head on his pillow and watched as his dreams played out like a movie on the ceiling. Sometimes she had
to fly a bit closer to see them more clearly, always on the lookout for any bad dream breezes.

Dylan’s next dream started to take shape on the ceiling and Maisie-May was excited to see the four members of The Fairy Force appear. One by one, she saw
Bud, Stretch, Serene and of course Mist step into the scene. They were smiling and there were lots of fairies around them, cheering. Then, all of a
sudden, Maisie-May saw a fairy who looked exactly like her appear with them! She was so surprised she almost fell backwards off Dylan’s pillow.

Flying closer to the ceiling, she saw herself standing with The Fairy Force, smiling. ‘Wow’, she thought. ‘Even though Dylan has never seen me, he knows
just what I look like!’ She remembered one particular lesson in Fairy School where her teacher was explaining the power of the bond between a fairy
and their human, and in that moment she realised just how strong their connection was. ‘Imagine, meeting The Fairy Force like that…!’ Maisie-May
thought to herself. ‘Pity it can only happen in Dylan’s dreams!’

Over the next week, Maisie-May became more and more excited about returning to Fairy Valley for the Homecoming. She tried to focus on her house fairy duties
until finally, on Friday night, it was time to leave. She left a note for Dylan saying she would be back on Sunday, packed her fairy suitcase and off
she flew.

Maisie-May flew through the night, stopping only to have a short rest on a particularly fluffy cloud. The excitement about seeing The Fairy Force was enough
to carry her onward towards Fairy Valley, right in the exact centre of the island of Ireland. While she couldn’t always see very clearly, the magical
energy she felt from the Valley meant she never veered off-course, and before long she could see twinkling lights all around her in the sky as fairies
returned to Fairy Valley from all over the world.

Maisie-May landed at Do-Come-Back Docks just as the sun rose. While there was nowhere she’d like to live more than Dylan’s house, it was always so nice
to return to the magical surroundings of Fairy Valley. She looked around and saw fairies moving through the Valley with banners and signs welcoming
The Fairy Force home.

Maisie-May flew to the Family Tree to wave at Nordman, the giant who guarded the magical tree where all fairies come from. She flew past the Heart-Shaped
Lake, along Lavender Lane, and eventually came to Mushroom Mound where she saw crowds of fairies gathering, ready for the celebrations. She thought
she saw some fairies she knew, like Ali-May, Laylabelle, Jojo and Evie-Bee, but before she got a chance to say hello to them, the crowd started to
cheer and wave their signs, and Maisie-May knew that must mean The Fairy Force were nearly there!

Suddenly, from directly above their heads, Kate, Queen of the Fairies herself descended, smiling and waving at everyone. Maisie-May thought Queen Kate
even smiled directly at her, but she couldn’t be sure.

Queen Kate spoke to the crowd.

“Fairies, what a pleasure to see you all back here in Fairy Valley. It truly makes my heart smile. As you know, there is a group of fairies who have given
up their chance of being a house fairy, simply to help you all – and of course your humans. They are so busy so much of the time, and I am delighted
to be able to briefly welcome them home today. Fairies and magical friends, please welcome… The Fairy Force!”

Maisie-May’s heart raced as the Valley erupted in cheers. Everyone was jumping up and down, hovering to see the Force clearer and waving their signs. Maisie-May
thought she saw Bud and Serene step up on to the stage and greet Queen Kate but she couldn’t be sure. She heard other fairies around her saying that
Stretch and Mist had arrived too but Maisie-May couldn’t see through the crowd. ‘I don’t mind’, she thought to herself. ‘Just knowing I’m in the same
place as them is enough!’

Just then, the crowd went quiet as Maisie-May heard Mist’s voice in person for the very first time.

“Wow, this is amazing, thank you everyone!” she said. “Thank you guys!” said Bud. “We are all so honoured to help you whenever you need us”, said Serene,
as the crowd cheered again. Then Stretch spoke. “I can see so many familiar faces in the crowd, and we all remember coming to help all of your humans
so well – you are all doing an awesome job!”

Maisie-May cheered and felt so happy just to be near to such brave fairies. Then she heard Mist speak again.

“There is someone here who we wouldn’t recognise though, as we’ve never met her! But it’s for a very good reason. We have heard all about this very special
fairy in a letter from her human Dylan, and so, we would like to welcome to the stage… Maisie-May! Is Maisie-May here?”

Maisie-May simply could not believe her ears. She looked around, thinking ‘They must mean someone else!’ and when she turned to face the stage again, she
saw the whole crowd had parted to let her through. As she nervously started to fly towards the stage, all the fairies cheered her on, making sure her
path was clear.

She landed on the stage and Mist rushed over to give her a hug. “I’m so pleased to meet you at last, Maisie-May!” Maisie-May could hardly speak, but she
just about managed to. “You are such an inspiration to me, Mist! My eyes are different, and I know yours are too, and I just want to say how much I
admire you and think you’re, well, the coolest fairy ever!”

Mist smiled. “Well that’s funny, Maisie-May, because I think YOU are the coolest!” Maisie-May couldn’t believe it. Was this really happening?! Mist turned
and spoke to the crowd again. “Everyone, Maisie-May is able to blow away all bad dream breezes herself, so she’s never needed to call us! How amazing
is that?”

The crowd roared in approval as Bud started to speak. “So, we think any fairy who can do that should be an honorary member of The Fairy Force!” “So Maisie-May,”
said Serene, “of course you can still live with your human Dylan, but we might come by to ask for your help from time to time if someone nearby needs
us, or just to catch up!” Mist turned to Maisie-May hopefully. “What do you think? Do you accept?”

Maisie-May felt like she was going to burst with happiness. “Y-yes! Yes of course!” The crowd cheered again, as Maisie-May realised that what she had seen
in Dylan’s dream was coming true.

As Mist presented her with her honorary Fairy Force membership belt, Maisie-May thought how incredibly grateful she was to her human Dylan for getting
in touch with her idols – now friends – and how she couldn’t wait to tell him all about what had happened.


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