Make A Passport For Your Fairy!

Summer has officially arrived and lots and lots of humans are planning their summer holidays! Some of you have contacted us in Fairy HQ because you’re
wondering if you can bring your fairy friend on holiday with you and the answer is simple…OF COURSE YOU CAN BRING YOUR FAIRY WITH YOU! But first
you must make them a fairy passport in order to guarantee safe fairy travel!


What you need:

1 x A6 page of white paper

1 x A6 page of coloured card (any colour you like!)

A piece of string

A pen (as many colours as you like!)

A scissors (make sure you have a grown up with you when using your scissors!)

A ruler

Step 1:

Cut out two rectangles from the white paper. We measured them 1 inch and 2 inches wide. Then cut out another piece the same size from the coloured card. 

Step 2:

Fold all three pieces in half together with the card on the outside.


Step 3:

On the cover (half of the coloured card) draw a pair of wings, like in the picture below. Next write ‘IFC’ (International Fairy Council) inside the wings
and ‘Fairypass’ below them. This makes your passport official!


Step 4:

Start on the first page, writing in the headings for your fairy’s information.

Pg 1: Fairy Name

Pg 2: Human Name

Pg 3: Date of Arrival (to their human home)

Pg 4: Country of Residence

Pg 5: Hair Colour

Pg 6: Eye Colour

Pg 7: Height

Pg 8: Greenwing fairy – Yes or No (Greenwings can only be in human homes if they are on placement with a house fairy and must be invited.)



Step 5:

 Use the piece of string to tie all pieces of paper together


Step 6:

Leave it at your fairy door, for your fairy. They will fill it in and then they are ready for their holidays!


Fairy Book of Names