Make a Magical Portal to Fairy Valley!

We received a letter from Fairy Valley this week! Here’s what it said… 

“Dear everyone at Fairy HQ and believers all over the world,

Hello again from the Fairy Discovery Centre in Fairy Valley! It’s Klaus here, the Head of Fairy Discovery. I want to thank all the humans who tried the
magical portal last year, and I’m wondering if even more humans could try it this time! Please be sure to watch the video that our friend Fairy Clodagh
made above before reading further.

As you know, fairies who live in human homes around the world like to travel back to Fairy Valley from time to time, but of course this can be quite a
long distance to fly! Well, we thought: what if there was a way for fairies to instantly transport to the Valley without having to fly at all, wouldn’t
that be amazing?!?

Now, it’s important to point out that this powerful magic will only work at one time and one time only! You can try it any day for the rest of August 2018
– unfortunately after the month ends, it will no longer work.

Please follow the instructions below and leave the portal for your fairy any night before the 1st of September 2018! If the magic works, the portal will
activate at 02:18 on the night you put it outside your fairy’s door.

Please also ask your fairy to bring something back from Fairy Valley with them to show the experiment has worked – it doesn’t have to be anything too big
as it must fit through the portal, and of course they have to be able to carry it! Maybe some grass from Mushroom Mound or a pebble from Lavender Lane
or some water from the Heart-Shaped Lake. You might also find some fairy dust around the portal showing it has worked.

Oh and before I forget – please tell your fairy that, if it works, the magical portal will only stay open for two hours and 18 minutes! This is a great
improvement on last time, but if they stay any longer than that, it will close and they will have to fly all the way home!

We are so excited to hear the results of this experiment!! 

Here’s what you will need:
2 Toilet Rolls (Human-sized)
Tinfoil/Aluminium foil
Paint or markers
Toothpaste (if you have a family pet who might be tempted to eat it, you can use something else, like blue tack, though this will lessen the chances of
the portal working!)
Fairy Dust (or you could try sugar if you have none!)

Plastic bottle cap

Step 1:

Paint or colour one of the toilet rolls the colour of your fairy door and bend the other into the shape of your door. Doing this will enhance your fairy’s
unique magical abilities.

Step 2:

Next cover the door-shaped roll in the foil – it must be completely covered in foil to create just the right electromagnetic circumstances for the portal
to work.

Step 3:

Sprinkle fairy dust inside the portal to create a magical path, leading into Fairy Valley (fingers crossed!)

Step 4:

One of the big discoveries we have had recently is that human toothpaste has a magical quality we never knew about before! This is the key to making the
portal work. Place three blobs on each end of the portal, one at the top and two at the bottom.

Step 5:

We must now ensure the magic that lies behind your fairy door can travel up the base of the portal, onto the portal itself. Run some foil from under the
door up the base and make sure there’s some right at the top so it touches the foil around the portal.

Step 6:

Place the portal on top of the base and leave beside your fairy’s door before you go to sleep!

If the magic works, you might find something inside when you wake up!

Crossing our wings that it works for lots of you humans out there!!

Kindest magical regards,


Fairy Discovery Centre”

Have fun everyone!! 

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