Fairy Tree Retreat 2019!

Every year, fairies will take some time out of their busy schedule to go back and visit the Family Tree in Fairy Valley. It’s like a little holiday for
your fairy! They will pack up their fairy case with all they need for a couple of days away and head back to the Family Tree for a little rest and
relaxation. It is important for fairies to take a little rest time as house fairies work ever so hard for their humans – don’t you think yours deserves
a little break?

Your fairy will tell you when they are heading off for a couple of days and this can vary from country to country but most fairies prefer to go back around
July or August. It could even be at the same time you are going on your holiday! Each fairy will have made a reservation before they go so they know
there is room for them when they arrive. We have been told the tree can sleep up to a million fairies a night so everyone gets to spend at least two
nights but no more than four.

While there in the massive, magical Family Tree guarded and protected by the friendly giant Nordman himself, fairies can enjoy sleeping during the night
and playing throughout the day. Can you imagine what a great feeling it would be to play in the sun when you normally sleep all day and work all night?!

Fairies can enjoy a huge range of activities like:

  • Wing therapy – a lovely refreshing massage for fairy wings.
  • Yawning and stretching – fairies love to yawn and stretch but are so focused on working hard when living with humans that they never do it at home
    and only on holiday.
  • Water surfing – fairies can’t swim because if their wings get wet they can’t fly, but close to the Family Tree is a lovely lake with special harnesses
    set up which hold their wings above the water while they surf on a leaf. This is a big, big favourite of fairies.
  • Sunbathing – as simple as it sounds, fairies love to lie on the branches of the trees and sunbathe. They lie around chatting and sipping blueberries.
    Tiny straws are stuck into blueberries and fairies just love them.
  • Back scratches – fairies very rarely get to scratch their backs properly as their wings are so large but at the tree there are huge pine cones which
    of course are magical so that they do not damage wings at all while providing for a scrumptious back scratch for little magical creatures.
  • Mud baths – another big favourite among fairies. They get to lie in mud and wash it all off making their skin shiny and soft while again not damaging
    their wings – this would be next to impossible anywhere else!
  • Archery – tiny bows and arrows are available for use for target practice. Have you ever tried to hit a target while flying past? It’s a challenge that
    fairies really enjoy – but of course they must be very careful.
  • NEW FOR 2019: Fairyoke – as you might guess, this is like human karaoke! Which song will your fairy sing?? If you are booking this activity please
    let us know.  

Please make sure your fairy makes their Retreat this year and spends some time to rest and relax back at the Family Tree. Your fairy will feel fabulous
after their break! Please check with them which dates suit and follow the steps below to book their place.

Fairy Tree Retreat – Booking Details

If you want your little fairy friend to take a four-day retreat simply follow these instructions:

  • 1. Ask someone to send an email for you, or send it yourself to [email protected]
  • 2. Give us the name of your fairy (please include second names and surnames as fairies have similar first names and the same names at times)
  • 3. Give us your name and age also, and tell us where you’re from
  • 4. Write in the 4 days during between 23rd July and 31st August you would like to send your fairy on retreat
  • 5. Write down your fairy’s choice of 3 activities from the list above (there are 8 to choose from)

Once you have sent all these details, hopefully your reservation will be successful you should receive your fairy’s ticket back. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the
volume of applications we expect, it may take a few days to receive your ticket.


It is also very important that you understand that your fairy will be gone for the dates you have booked them in to the retreat. Also your fairy will require
travel time to and from the retreat. The Family Tree is located in Fairy Valley, which is smack bang in the centre of Ireland, so to figure out how
long it will take your fairy to get to Ireland, simply find out how long it takes to fly to Ireland and this is very roughly how long it will take
your fairy – although fairies are often much faster than planes. You must remember your fairy will be away from you for more than four days and nights
if travelling to and from. Another interesting fact about fairies is that fairies very rarely will fly over oceans as they would need to stop regularly
and rest and oceans do not provide anywhere to stop without getting very wet. FAIRIES CANNOT GET THEIR WINGS WET AT ALL, it’s disastrous and will stop
your fairy being able to fly for quite a while so they will travel across land but they are significantly faster than planes so it means they get to
their destinations much quicker.

Be sure to book today!