EXCLUSIVE: Pixie & The Pepperpots Tour Dates!

Last week, we told you that Fairy Valley’s #1 band Pixie & The Pepperpots wanted to do a World Kitchen Tour, performing for your fairy and their friends
right in your kitchen. There was just one problem: Pablo the drummer in the band can’t carry his own drums all around the world so we asked you if
you could make some drums for him to use in your house. Well, we had a massive response! Here are just some of the amazing creations you guys came
up with: 

We are delighted to reveal the World Kitchen Tour Dates below! And guess what – no matter where you are, your fairy is invited! Of course, concerts
are more fun if there’s lots of people (or magical creatures) in the audience, so as long as the host families don’t mind, fairies may attend whichever
concert is closest to their human home! Or they are welcome to come to one of the three dates here in Fairy HQ. Plus, all fairies are invited to the
massive Homecoming concert in Fairy Valley at the end of the tour. So please be sure to make a note of the relevant date(s) below to let your fairy
know. For human home dates, they just need to know the town, as they will be magically drawn to the house once they’re in the right area.  


– Congratulations! Pixie, Pablo, Pipple and Pop were so impressed by each and every one of your drum kits! So if your town is on the list, that means they
LOVED yours. Well done! 

– All hosting humans whose friends have fairies too, please ask them to tell their fairy about the concert – the more the merrier! 

– Please take care of your drum kit from now until your assigned concert date. The concert will take place on the night of the date in question – when
all humans are fast asleep. 

– Please place the kit in the middle of your kitchen as the band like to play ‘in the round’ with fairies dancing and singing all around them.

– If possible, please leave a window a teeny tiny bit open before the humans go to bed on your night so the band and their fans can come and go. If
it’s too cold or this isn’t possible, don’t worry – they will use their magic to enter another way (though might have less energy to enjoy the concert
as a result)!  

– Don’t worry about the noise! The band will be bringing some special ‘slumbersure’ fairy dust with them to sprinkle on all humans and pets, which
means they will stay asleep during the concert, but current fairy research suggests that some humans and animals will hear the music in their dreams.
If you do, please let us know so we can pass on this information to the Fairy Discovery Centre in Fairy Valley. 

– If possible, please leave out some snacks for the attending fairies – just a few raisins or Cheerios would be perfect, with maybe some blueberries
too which fairies like to drink to stay refreshed. Please be aware that, while fairies do their best to tidy up after themselves, there may be some
cleaning up to do the next morning. 

– Pixie has said she will do her best to leave an autograph for the humans as a thank you! You will know it’s authentic by the heart she uses to dot
the second ‘i’ in her name. Who knows, maybe Pipple, Pop and Pablo will leave you an autograph too?!

Without further ado, here are the long-awaited tour dates for Pixie & The Pepperpots’ World Kitchen Tour 2017/2018!! 

Click here to download the tour poster:

Pix-Tour Pix-Tour (300 KB)

Here’s to a great tour. Rock on!!