Christmastime in Fairy Valley!

Hello everyone!! It’s Venetia here, roving reporter for The Fairy Valley Times, and the fairy in the know here in Fairy Valley, if I do say so myself!
I’m back with a very festive column from right here in the heart of the Valley! 

Christmastime in Fairy Valley!

As I am writing this at my favourite table in Calista’s Cloud Café above Fairy Valley, I’m looking down onto a Valley that is covered with snow. It’s a
very familiar sight for us as it snows every single Christmas but I never ever get tired of seeing the magical Valley gleaming white.

I can see fairies flying beneath me with woolly hats to keep warm (lots have been made with love by their humans) and further below I can see that the
Heart-Shaped Lake has frozen over, just like it does every year. Fairies are skating and laughing – I can hear the giggles from all the way up here
in the Cloud Café! I’m sure I can see an orange glow following one fairy around the lake – it must be Miffy. And readers, would you believe, I’m sure
I can see Queen Kate herself skating around with all the rest of the fairies! What a wonderful sight.

I can also see the Fairy Valley Christmas Tree on Mushroom Mound. It’s absolutely enormous. The rumours from a recent edition of Fairy Valley TV News were
true – it is the size of a small dog!

There are also lots of human shapes in the snow. Now, that might seem strange because as we know, no humans have ever found Fairy Valley! And if they were
really humans, they would be enormous! Well, I’ve put my investigations skills to use and have discovered that the reason for this is that fairies
love to make snow humans, just like humans make snow angels! They hide their wings behind their backs and pretend to be people. It’s the latest craze.
I will have to try it myself I think!

What everyone’s asking this week…

Who is the second giant in the Valley? As you know, Nordman is the giant who guards the Family Tree in Fairy Valley, where all magical creatures like fairies,
elves and unicorns come from. Well this week, it seems Nordman has had a visit from a good friend of his, and some young fairies weren’t sure who he
was. Well, readers, I will leave it up to you to guess… and I’ll give you a clue – he has a red coat!

Fairies, your new human home awaits!

Well, as we all know, Christmas time is one of the most exciting times of the year for fairies! This is because so many humans around the world receive
Irish Fairy Doors for Christmas and invite a fairy into their home. I love to spend some time at Do-Come-Back Docks here in Fairy Valley around this
time of year, watching the excited fairies as they fly away with their suitcases, their hearts full of joy at the thought of moving into their very
own human home and having their own human family too!

I know I have lots of fairy readers, but if there are any humans reading this, I would just like to say thank you for inviting fairies into your homes.
You have brought such joy to fairies all around the world. Long may it continue!

Well that’s about it from me, my lovelies. I will be back in the New Year with more Valley Whispers. Until then, have a merry and magical Christmas!!

V xoxo



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