Christmas Fairy Facts

It’s that very special time of year again! Just like us humans, fairies love Christmas time, and we thought we would let you know about some festive fairy facts that you may not know about!

Fact #1

Fairies and Santa Claus are very good friends! This special relationship is featured more in our book ‘The Fairy Who Saved Christmas’, and we are delighted
to let you know that Santa spends a little extra time in every home that has a fairy on Christmas Eve, so he can have a quick catch-up before moving
on! And of course, house fairies help him leave out the gifts for Christmas morning.

Fact #2

The International Fairy Council has been working on a special new magic spell for fairies called festivatious! When a house fairy casts this spell, there
will be even more festive magic in their human home, making everyone have the best Christmas ever! If you would like your fairy to try this spell,
please leave the following items outside their fairy door: three grains of salt, two grains of sugar and something red.

Fact #3

Even though it’s a very happy and exciting time of year, fairies understand that sometimes their humans will feel sad or overwhelmed, or even angry. As
always, they are ready to help with this, so remember to use your Worry Plaque or No More Worries Kit if you have them, or else just leave a note for
your fairy telling them how you feel – talking to a grown-up in the house helps so much as well!

Fact #4

Fairies love playing in the snow. They usually wait until all the humans have gone to bed, although some particularly mischievous fairies like to head
out with their humans and hope they won’t be noticed, especially as the snow falls. One of fairies’ very favourite things to to is to make snow humans
in newly-fallen snow. They are a bit like snow angels, but fairies tuck their wings in, so the imprints are just like humans! If you don’t have snow
in your area this year, you might find that they do snow humans in flour on your counter!

Fact #5

Do you love mince pies, Christmas dinner and maybe even a chocolate or two? So does your fairy! All year round, fairies mainly like to eat raisins (though
yours could be different!), but over Christmas, they love to have what their human has. Perhaps you could leave out a small piece of your mince pie,
or maybe a teeny tiny piece of your Christmas dinner, or one tenth of a chocolate… we think you will find they are gone in the morning!

Fact #6

Fairies love Christmas songs! Often, if everyone in your house is completely silent, you will hear the very faint sound of your fairy humming or singing
to themselves. Some of the songs they love include Flying Around The Christmas Tree, Winter Fairyland and Flying Home For Christmas. Maybe you could
ask your fairy their favourite?

Fact #7

You might find that you and your family spend quite a bit of time visiting relatives over Christmas. Your fairy will be absolutely fine but if you can,
please leave them a note telling them when they can expect you back, so they will know when to go back into their fairy home once they’ve finished
playing with your pet or lying on the couch!

Fact #8

If you would like to give your fairy a gift, they would absolutely love a drawing of you and your family or friends, or just you being very happy. Maybe
you could even put them in the picture too? This would be the best present they could ever receive!

Fact #9

The end of December is a great time to think about the year you have had and to be thankful to those who have helped you. We think your fairy would love
it if you could write them a note to say that you appreciate them and the magic they bring to your home, and we think you will get a lovely note back!

Fact #10

Fairies feel extra brave on New Year’s Eve, and love to celebrate the start of a new year with their human family! So please be aware that they might be
around you as midnight strikes – please remember not to look at them, but definitely wish them a Happy New Year. They will do the same – if you listen
carefully, you might just hear them, as well as a small fairy giggle!

We hope you and your fairies have the most magical, wonderful Christmas ever!!