A storm in Fairy Valley?!

Hello there! It’s me, fairy Venetia, back with all the latest stories from the most magical place in the world – Fairy Valley! As I always say, if it’s
happening in the Valley, you’ll find out about it right here! 

A Storm In Fairy Valley??

Well as I’m sure my readers know, Fairy Valley is right in the centre of Ireland, and Ireland has just experienced a storm called Storm Lorenzo, so of
course we felt it too here in Fairy Valley.

I spoke to the meteorological expert fairy here in the Valley earlier today, who is also called Lorenzo!

“I couldn’t believe it when I heard it was given the same name as me! Quite flattering I suppose…” Lorenzo (fairy not storm) told me over a cup of nettle
tea earlier today. “I think there must be some humans out there who have heard of my weather expertise.” Readers, I am pretty sure that it’s a coincidence
but I didn’t want to hurt Lorenzo’s feelings so I just nodded along.

“What an honour!” he continued. “Anyway, yes, of course we felt the impact of Storm Lorenzo here in the Valley, but I want your readers to be reassured
that no fairy was hurt or frightened. In fact, what your human readers may not know is that, for fairies, a strong wind is like a rollercoaster! They
just open their wings wide and let it carry them up down and all around!”

I also asked Lorenzo if he used any of his magical abilities to affect the storm.

“Oh I would if it had gotten really strong! We wouldn’t want things blowing from the human world into the Valley – even a human-sized tennis ball could
ruin all of our lovely flowers. So I kept an eye on it, but all the fairies were having so much fun that I didn’t find it necessary to use any magic!”

As Lorenzo said goodbye and proudly left the cafe thinking he had had a storm named after him (maybe he did??), I thought about the fact that some fairies
in the human world would have to stay put behind their doors to stop them being blown into neighbouring gardens. Actually, we heard that lots of lovely
humans were leaving a stockpile of raisins outside their fairy’s door! I thought this was really kind, although it takes a fairy quite a while to eat
a raisin so just one or two would have been fine! I always love hearing about the kind and considerate humans out there!

And as I write, I can confirm the sun has come out once more over Fairy Valley! Goodbye Storm Lorenzo. And thanks to fairy Lorenzo for his time and expertise!

Fairy School Musical!

I’m delighted to be able to announce exclusively that the next Fairy School Musical will be… The Fairy Of The Opera! This is a wonderful story about
a fairy who flies around the Opera House in Paris singing to all the humans, but of course the fairy has to stay hidden so he won’t lose any of his
magic! I can’t wait to see this one – rest assured I will be in the front row on Opening Night!

What Everyone’s Asking This Week…

“Who are you dressing up as for Hallowe’en?” That’s the question on every fairy’s lips at the minute, now that October has begun. As you may know, fairies
always dress up as humans on Hallowe’en night. We all find it so much fun to hide our wings behind our backs and walk around instead of flying!

I would encourage any humans reading this to ask your fairy who they will be dressing up as this year. I have a strong suspicion that they will want to
dress up as someone in your family! So because your fairy only really sees you when you’re asleep, once you know who your fairy will be dressing up
as, please draw a favourite outfit of that family member and leave it outside your fairy’s door, so they can make a costume that is as accurate as
possible! They will be so excited to return to Fairy Valley and walk around as one of their human family!

And that’s it for now my lovelies. I’ll be back fairy soon with more news from the Valley!

V xoxo