Frequently asked questions

Absolutely you can move your fairy door and your fairy`s magic will help you. If you are going to
move your door just let your fairy know what is happening and when and you will have no problem.
Your fairy will pack up and be ready to leave when you are. Simply relocate your door and by
morning your fairy will have moved back in to his or her new home without a hitch.

Technically yes you can if you tell your fairy you are moving and bringing their fairy door with you
your faithful little fairy friend will follow however it is nice for your fairy to have a holiday when you
do. When you go on holiday you should tell your fairy you are going, they will make some plans of
their own then. Some like to go back to The Valley and catch up with their friends, hang out in the
sunshine and take it easy. They will return to your home when you do all fresh and relaxed so don`t
worry about them being home alone – they won`t be.

This is a good question and not one for us but one for them. Best thing to do is ask when their
birthday is, they will be able to tell you straight away.

You can’t open your fairy door because you don’t have the key for it and even if you had the key it
would not work because we are human and only fairies can enchant the locks when they pick up
their key for the first time. It is kind of like an anti theft alarm for fairies – only fairies can enter a
fairy door.

Yes fairies do get sad when their human is sad, they feel a lot of what we feel. Fairies can help
though, if you are worried or sad about something you should tell your fairy as their is always
something they can do or tell you to do to help. Try them out they are wonderful at this.

No problem, fairy legal documents are easily misplaced so email us a photo of your door to
[email protected] and tell us what happened and we will send you a link to print
off another copy of our lease agreement.

Fairies are easily pleased when it comes to food and will help themselves to small amounts of food
straight from your cupboards. However if you feel like leaving a treat out for your fairies they simply
cannot resist a raisin or cheerio! These two things are fairies favourite snacks.

Well your fairy works on a different clock to you and this is to protect their magic. It would be too
risky for a fairy to work during the day as they would be seen by humans and lose a bit of their
magic each time so they work while we sleep at night. Then when we are waking our fairies are
climbing into bed, tired after all the work from that night. They will sleep until we are in bed, only
waking for work as we doze off.

Fairies all come to be on a special branch of The Family Tree. Each fairy arrives inside their own
bud on that branch. So I suppose in a way every fairy is related, each of them connected through
the family tree like one big family, close and caring for one another.

Yes we believe they do but not like our pets. We have dogs, cats, birds and fish perhaps where as
fairies have caterpillars, ladybirds and other small insects. Fairies are very caring toward all wildlife
and take care of any living thing who needs it even spiders, whom we are told make excellent room

Your fairy sleeps all day in the nice quiet house while you are at school so they are ready for that
night and all the work they will do like blowing away bad dream breezes, collect teeth, write notes
and collect food.

Yes every fairy comes from The Family Tree in Fairy Valley right smack bang in the centre of

Fairies keep teeth left for them. They are like trophies to a fairy, they are so precious to them they
will have them sitting on little silk cushions on their mantles in their homes for all to admire. Your
teeth hold all your childhood memories and fairies are guardians of these and take this job very
seriously. They have no value got money and this is why they give you money in exchange as they
know how valuable it is to humans.

Wow where do we start, fairies blow away bad dreams, take care of sick or hurt insects, collect
teeth, write notes, take worries away, grant wishes, watch dreams at night to learn more about
their humans, collect food, train greenwings and these are just a few of the jobs they do. They love
their work though and never feel bad about any of it.

Yes if your fairy can draw, not all fairies have the same talents do although some fairies are
excellent at drawing other fairies are not and will be better telling you what they look like. Try not
be disappointed either way as your fairy is doing their best.

The fairies live in a very magical place called Fairy Valley in the very centre of Ireland. Humans don’t know exactly where though! 

On our brand new website, we have invited The International Fairy Council to come along and chat to our believers. The International Fairy Council are a group of fairies elected by all the fairies in the world to govern Fairy Valley. They are in charge of everything there! They are very skilled in asking all the questions that may come up. 

When a fairy has graduated from Fairy School and becomes a House Fairy, they travel to your house and use the key you leave out for them overnight to move in to their brand new human home. They sleep during the day and come out at night (fairies lose a little of their magic if a human sees them – this is why they just come out when everyone is asleep!). All you need to do to speak to your own fairy is write them a note or leave them a picture you have drawn. They love it when their favourite human communicates with them. But remember their hands are super small so it may take a day or two for them to write back to you! 

Fairies have been specially trained to blow away bad dreams, should they occur. They are also trained to help to take any worries you may have away. They also tend to bring good luck and happiness wherever they go! 

You sure can! Just remember to always be kind because, just like humans, fairies have feelings too!

If you ask the fairy something and the answer you get does not make sense, it’s probably Seymour! Seymour is always getting up to all sorts of mischief! He is Fairy Valley’s biggest messer and likes to visit the guys in Fairy HQ, but whenever he is around, things tend to get a little hairy sometimes! We recommend that you ask the same question but maybe in a slightly different way, that way it will give the fairies in charge time to get Seymour under control! 

Yes! All fairies living in human homes have been specially selected by The International Fairy Council. Of course just like humans, everyone has different fairies who they are closest too.