DIY Fairy-Sized BBQ!

Fairy Sized BBQ Fairy Sized BBQ (494 KB)

Why not give your fairy’s home a summer feel by making this miniature BBQ for them to play with? It’s only pretend of course, as everybody and every fairy
knows, barbecues should only happen outdoors!


What you need:

  • Toilet roll
  • Wooden skewers & ice pop sticks
  • Some tooth picks/match sticks
  • 2 bottle caps (we used soft drink bottles!)
  • Black paint & black paper
  • Sticky tape, glue stick plus stronger glue like Super Glue
  • Coloured playdough (optional!)
  • A grown-up to help!

Step One:

Start by cutting the toilet roll in half (length-ways). Then cut from one end to the other to open it up. Now cut a smaller section (about a third) off
as shown below (this smaller piece will be the lid!)

Step Two:

Cover the two pieces with black paper using a glue stick. Then cover both bottle caps with black paper too.


Step Three:

Glue your (now black) bottle caps to both ends of the larger piece of roll as shown!


Step Four:

Create a grill using the match sticks/tooth picks. Then, take the smaller piece of toilet roll (the BBQ lid!) and tape it into place at the back so it
can move up and down as needed.


Step Five:

Now, using the ice pop sticks, we broke off a tiny piece to make the handle. Then we glued some larger pieces of ice pop sticks on both sides to make the
shelves as you can see. We then used more tooth picks for support.


Step Six:

We used skewers to make the legs of the BBQ and a shelf, which we stuck some longer ice pop stick sections to. Then we used coloured playdough to make
some pretend burgers and veg!


That’s it! Your Fairy-Sized BBQ is ready!